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Diane Franklin Books

Personally Autographed Books available here: $60.00
(Includes shipping and handling within the United States. 
Additional charge for International.)
Please include name to sign and mailing address in order.​


Diane Franklin: The Excellent ADVENTURES of the Last American French-Exchange Babe of the 80s (Vol. 1 - 2012)
This book covers Diane Franklin's childhood, and 80s acting career, with chapters focusing on her popular films including Better Off Dead, Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure and Amityville 2. Mature subject matter.


Diane Franklin: The Excellent COMEDY of the Last American French-Exchange Babe of the 80s
AKA The "Better Off Dead" Tribute Book
(Vol. 3- 2022)
Finally! A book that brings you the special features you've been waiting for about the 1985 cult-comedy, BETTER OFF DEAD! Iconic interviews, rare photos and major contributions by writer/director SAVAGE STEVE HOLLAND, "Excellent Comedy" will not only bring bring back memories of the K12, language lessons, and wanting your $2, but it will also make you laugh out loud! Fun for all ages!

Diane Franklin: The Excellent CURLS of the Last American
French-Exchange Babe of the 80s
(Vol. 2 - 2017)
This book reveals Diane Franklin's experience shooting the 1981 teen
sex-comedy film, THE LAST AMERICAN VIRGIN. Bonus:Tons of never before seen photos from "Virgin" and Diane's other films. Update of her personal life as well!
Mature subject matter. VERY cool!!
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